About Rodriguez Ayala

The Story

My name is Sebastian Rodriguez, I am a freelancer consultant with over 15 years of experience in multiple technology industries, including communications, sales and marketing for the world largest OEMs, technical support and consultancy services for small to medium organizations.

After getting involved with Microsoft 365 cloud technologies I specialized myself in SharePoint Online and teams, becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and later I started working for the Microsoft 365 Product Group leveraging my skills to lead the team that is supporting new products such as Copilot, Teams Premium, the Viva Suite, Clipchamp and Microsoft Designer.

The mision

Empower individuals, small and medium business owners, leaders and managers at large organizations to unlock their full potential with Microsoft 365. We strive to be the drive force for change, providing the tools, guidance and support necessary to upskill and enhance the work people to on a daily basis.

The Vision

Become a beacon of light in the world of technology, enabling and guiding those who seek to make a change. We aim to provide the first steps, guidance and support that are so often lacking, helping individuals and organizations to deeply engage with Microsoft Technologies and achieve their goals.